Mission Partners

As part of our desire to fulfill our mission both locally and globally, Image HealthCare partners with certain programs through our missional giving campaign. We seek out Christ centered programs that specifically address poverty stricken areas throughout the world, and here at home. We desire to partner with organizations that provide food, clothing, shelter, education, and micro-finance to address the immediate needs of these areas as well as building bridges for improved conditions in the futrure.

Our Partners:

Compassion International
What is Compassion International?

Compassion International is a Christian child development organization dedicated to releasing children from poverty. Our ministry is twofold: We work through local churches to provide child development programs to deliver children from economic, physical, social and spiritual poverty, enabling them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults. And we speak out for children in poverty – informing, motivating and equipping others to become advocates for children.

Visit Compassion.com