Health Facilities

Long-Term Care

Our Long-Term Care Facilities primarily provide nursing services and assistance with daily life tasks for those residents who can no longer live alone because of age, chronic illness, or disability. A carefully planned activities schedule ensures our residents will stay active and be involved. Our resident rooms and common areas are clean, comfortable, and appealing with wireless internet access for residents and their guests. Each resident may choose between a private or semi-private room.

Our staff of caring professionals have years of experience that enable them to provide for the residents needs, while treating the resident and their loved ones with dignity and respect.

Short-Term Rehabilitation

Our Short-Term Rehabilitation Facilities are distinct units withinour Long-Term Care Facilities. Although the amenities and room choices are the same, the level of health care provided is vastly different because of the different needs of the patient. The primary purpose of Short-Term Rehabilitation is to help patients rehabilitate and recover from illness, injury, surgery, or disability. Our goal is to get you home and back to your routine.

Our Rehabilitation Facility is uniquely positioned in each community to provide necessary rehabilitation and recovery for anyone in the community not just the elderly or our Long-Term Care residents. We work with the patient's physician to establish a personalized plan of care that may include different types of physical, occupational, and speech therapy, pain management, wound or incision care.

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